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PRBB Career week* - 3rd Edition

*Coorganised between the BBRC-FPM, CRG, EMBL-Barcelona, IBE, IMIM, ISGLOBAL, MELIS-UPF and the Intervals programme.

Workshops and career talks with professionals working in different science related sectors to help you prepare your future steps.

Events will be in-person or hybrid. Please check the format of the event when registering.

Career talks:

Roundtables where you’ll have the opportunity to know more about different science related jobs and ask professionals working in the field about their career and current positions. In this edition we'll be talking with:

  • 3rd October: Journal editors. Online format

  • 4th October: Venture analysts. Hybrid format*

  • 6th October: Consultants. Hybrid format*

*You can either attend in person or online - please register in the option that you prefer. Those attending in person will have the opportunity to have some networking time after the event to talk with speakers and other attendees.

3rd October, 15:00 - 16:30: Journal editors


Javier Carmona - Scientific Strategy Officer at VHIO. Former editor at Nature Medicine

Maria Zalm - Senior Editor and Team Manager with the PLOS Publication Ethics team

Unai Vicario - Publisher at MDPI

Moderator: Maruxa Martinez Campos. Digital Media & Scientific Affairs at PRBB. Former editor at Genome Biology

Register here (online event)

4th October, 15:00 - 16:30/17:00: Venture analysts


Laura Rodriguez - Principal at Invivo Capital Partners

Andrew MacRae - Analyst at LifeLink Ventures

Arturo Urrios - Life Science VC Investor at Wellington Partners Life Sciences

Avencia Sánchez Mejías - Co-founder and CEO of Integra Tx

Moderator: Anabel Sanz. Head of Technology and Business Development Office at CRG


a. In person (talk and networking): Register here

b. Online: Register here

6th October, 15:00 - 16:30/17:00: Consultants


Enric Jané - Independent Consultant 

Clara Bordoy - Consultant, Global Market Access at Alira Health

Pol Margalef - Senior Consultant, Healthcare Consulting (IQVIA)

Vittorio Pedrocchi - Biologist and Environmental Consultant

Moderator: Ruggero Cortini. Data scientist and Consultant at SIRIS Academic


a. In person (talk and networking): Register here

b. Online: Register here


Workshops will be in person at the PRBB venues. 

Develop your professional self in science - tips from the private sector

4th October, 10:00 - 13:00. More information and registrations

Create your digital strategy to boost your scientific career

6th October, 10:00 - 13:00. More information and registrations

Understanding career opportunities that best exploit your skillset 

14th October, 9:30- 13:30. More information and registrations

Please note workshops have limited places.

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