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The art of negotiation in science


To improve negotiation skills from a win-win perspective that facilitates collaboration and establish strong and long-lasting relationships between the parties.






Collaborative negotiation is a negotiation process that respects people and the diversity of opinions, improving communication and partnership and allowing better agreements to be reached. In this course you will learn how to negotiate focusing on the exploration of mutual interests and generating alternatives that benefit all parties, leaving behind the traditional adversarial negotiation method. 

You will:

  • Learn to differentiate between the explicit demands (positions) and underlying needs and motivations (interests) in a negotiation.

  • Learn to resolve conflicts more efficiently and find solutions that benefit all parties involved. 

  • Improve communication skills: increase the ability to express needs and objectives. 

  • Develop interpersonal skills such as listening, emotional intelligence, empathy, creativity, and flexibility. 

  • Generate attitudes of problem-solving, self-reflection, respect, open-minded and curiosity through the willingness to consider different perspectives and explore creative solutions.

  • Foster personal effectiveness, continuous learning and cultivate team collaboration.

Please note the course consists of several sessions, and you should be able to attend all of them.

Study commitment

In preparation for the workshop you should:

  • Before the course: Answering a questionnaire 

  • Between sessions: Real case preparation

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Finished editions
  • 2024 Edition 1, Trimester 2: April, IN-PERSON : 23/04/2024


Arantza Danes & José Manuel Toledano
Arantza Danes & José Manuel Toledano

Arantza Danes Vilallonga is a coach, consultant and researcher. Since 2013, she teaches leadership and negotiation techniques at UAB and corporate organizations. 

Jose Manuel Toledano is a psychoanalyst and Gestalt therapist. Facilitator in Analysis and Problem Solving (Kepner Tregoe) and certified consultant by the European Negotiation Center (CEN Paris).