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The overall vision of the Intervals programme is to help staff in PRBB centres develop their skills for working in complex spaces and across boundaries - in science and beyond. The basis of learning is systems focused and interdisciplinary, seeking to promote adaptability, flexibility and resilience in the face of constant change. 

The Intervals programme is divided into three learning areas: Self skills, Interpersonal skills and Systems skills. These learning areas are based on a systems approach to leadership development as described by Bolden et al (2019). The levels of learning recognise the complex, interdependent systems that stretch out from the inner world of each individual, to the public domains in which we act and communicate as social beings.

As a curriculum framework the Intervals categorisation is pragmatic rather than definitive, since boundaries are rarely clear and never permanent. PRBB staff can design their individual learning and development plan by combining Intervals events in a modular way as appropriate to their career experience and needs. 

Please note: PRBB Intervals courses are only open to staff affiliated to PRBB Centres.

SELF skills expand_more

The work of inner growth is a lifetime's journey but friendly guidance can help us develop our capacity to act in an uncertain world. Working with others can open us to new perspectives so we can benefit from diverse experiences beyond our own.

The Self skills learning area of the Intervals programme gives participants a chance to reflect and work on their inner capacities. Topics include: thinking skills, creativity, mindfulness meditation and time management.

  • Personal mastery and emotional intelligence

  • Thinking critically and creatively


Personal mastery & emotional intelligence

Thinking critically and creatively

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The purpose of the Interpersonal skills learning area is to help PRBB staff enhance their leadership skills and their capacity to work effectively in teams and small groups. Workshops address many aspects of how we develop and maintain relationships with others, including: team working, project management, conflict management and negotiation, team selection and others.

This learning area also includes a biennial, intensive lab management training programme for new Principal Investigators, held off-site from the PRBB.

Building relationships

Leading groups

PRBB Career week* expand_more

* Coorganised between CRG, DCEXS-UPF, ISGLOBAL and the Intervals programme

Workshops and talks with professionals working in different science related sectors that will help you to be more prepared to plan and navigate your future career.


23rd February, 10:00 12:00:  So what's next? Managing change and challenges in your scientific career

Limited places. More information and registration.

25th February, 10:00 - 12:00: LinkedIn workshop for researchers - make yourself more visible!

Limited places. More information and registration.

Career talks:

Interactive talks where you’ll have the opportunity to know more about different science related jobs and ask professionals working in the field about their career and current jobs.

22nd February: Patents


Raúl Martinez - Patent adviser. SP3 Patents.

Jürgen Meier - European and German Patent Attorney. Vossius and Partner.

Neus Virgili - Chief IP Officer. Oryzon Genomics.

Moderator: Reimund Fickert - Communication & Business Development. PRBB.

23rd February: Project management


Miquel Angel Serra - Team Leader - CAS Nanoplastics project. European Commission.

Nana Aba Williams - Scientific Coordinator STOP project. ISGLOBAL.

Pedro Grima - Portfolio & Innovation Advisor. Ferrer.

Rodrigo de Oliveira - Deputy of Provider Networks Director, AXA.

Moderator: Regina López-Aumatell. MM Strategic Research Project Manager. DCEXS-UPF

24th February: Science communication


Adelaida Sarukhan - Scientific Writer. ISGLOBAL.

Alex Richter Boix - Communications Officer. CREAF.

Cirenia Arias - Scientific Illustrator and Bioinformatician.

Moderator: Omar Jamshed - Senior Press & Communications Officer. CRG.

25th February: Pharma/Biotech


Ignasi Sahún - Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. ZeClinics.

Lars Bussmann - Marketing Manager Immuno-Oncology & Hematology. AstraZeneca.

Manuela Hummel - Biostatistician. Roche Diagnostics.

Martina Pesaresi - Medical Affairs Oncology (TGP). Sanofi Genzyme.

Moderator: Janet Piñero - Postdoctoral researcher, Integrative Biomedical Informatics group. UPF-IMIM.

All talks will be in the afternoon, from 16:00 - 17:30.
Registrations for the career talks


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