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SELF skills

Working in the world of science: how to manage self and build resilience


To give an opportunity for self-reflection, where participants will consider what is going well and what skills need to be developed to ensure that they manage themselves more effectively: their work, the people around them, and the wider environment in the best possible way.  






This programme will help participants consider what has helped them so far to reach their current professional situations and what still needs to be done to reach their long-term goals in the research environment. We will take both a short- and long-term view of how they organise themselves and consider what needs to be changed or realigned to assure the success they are hoping for.  

This course will help you to:

  • Be clear about professional and personal ambitions and with these in mind discover more efficient ways of working to increase overall performance. 
  • Address any serious work/life balance issues
  • Review the way you organize yourself, reflect on your own assumptions with a view to finding long lasting solutions.
  • Decrease feelings of stress and build resilience in the work and home environment

While there is some theory, the facilitator adopts a coaching approach where participants are encouraged to unlock the answers that are waiting to be discovered. 

The course consists of several sessions. You should be able to attend all of them.

Study commitment

In preparation for the course participants are expected to answer a questionnaire and to observe themselves using the time log over a period of 5 working days. This is an essential pre-course task as the course content will draw on this. More information about the pre-course task will be sent some weeks before the course.

Other relevant information

For any issue regarding attendance before or during the course, please note that you should contact the Intervals team directly by sending an email to

Please note this course was previously called Navigating turbulent times: time management and resilience in science

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Comments from participants

Finished editions
  • 2024, Edition 1, Trimester 1: February, IN-PERSON : 07/02/2024
  • 2023, Edition 1, Trimester 1: March, IN-PERSON : 02/03/2023
  • 2022 Edition 1, Trimester 2: June, IN-PERSON : 15/06/2022
  • 2021 Edition 1, Trimester 2: ONLINE : 27/04/2021


Louise Schubert
Louise Schubert

Louise Schubert works with individuals and organisations as an executive coach and consultant and is experienced as a trainer to help professionals from all disciplines, improve their overall performance management and leadership skills.