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Peer mentoring in biomedicine


To set aside regular, dedicated and structured time for in-depth reflection on professional practice. The aim of these exchanges is to develop participants' leadership skills and competence.  




Senior researchers, PIs.


Between 6 and 8 professionals at a similar career stage, form a peer mentoring group with the aid of a facilitator to meet on an ongoing basis, usually once a month, to provide regular, professional development and support for each other. The group uses a range of structured processes that tap the resources within the group to enhance their ability to learn from experience. The processes are highly effective and easy to use - the result is an extremely rich learning environment and increased professional effectiveness. 

The group will be supported for the first three meetings only. The aim of the facilitator is to help the group work to independence and self-sustainability. After these initial meetings the group is expected to become self-supporting, practicing the mentoring tools learnt during the facilitated sessions.

Participants should commit to a process of sustained work over several months in the group, first with a facilitator and later as participators in a self-sustaining group.

Study commitment

In preparation for the first session attendees will have to have a look at the peer mentoring guidelines (will be sent some days before) and to reflect over which personal situation to share.

Other relevant information

A mixed representation from different PRBB centres is encouraged. If in doubt about your eligibility, please contact us.

NOTE: Conditions for in-person editions

Please note that this course might be cancelled depending on the COVID situation. If it's not possible to do the course in-person, the edition will be postponed and if possible an online option will be offered.



Comments from participants

Finished editions
  • 2022 Edition1, Trimester 1: February, IN-PERSON : 24/02/2022


Louise Schubert
Louise Schubert

Louise Schubert works as an executive coach, coach supervisor, consultant, group facilitator and trainer. For over 10 years she assessed senior managers in recruitment and leadership development processes.

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