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SELF skills

Self-Leadership for daily challenges in science: A hands-on workshop


To support participants to develop a wide range of social skills and their resilience to tackle everyday challenges at work.




Junior staff: predocs, junior postdocs and junior support staff


Science professionals have great minds and analytical skills that help them move forward with their projects. Yet, during their careers they sometimes must face circumstances which are rather related to the “human side of science”. Such situations require other kind of skills that also need to be cultivated. 

In this workshop participants:

  • Will develop their self-leadership, social and communication skills, to feel more empowered to thrive in their careers

  • Will set the right priorities to use their energy the best possible way

  • Will develop their negotiating skills

Please note the course consists of several sessions, and you should be able to attend all of them.

Study commitment

There will be some tasks to do between sessions (aprox self-study: 2 hours). These assignments will be announced on due course during the programme.

Other relevant information

For any issue regarding attendance before or during the course, please note that you should contact the Intervals team directly by sending an email to

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Comments from participants

Finished editions
  • 2024 Edition 1, Trimester 2: June, IN-PERSON : 12/06/2024
  • 2023 Edition 1, Trimester 2: June, IN-PERSON : 06/06/2023
  • 2022 Edition 1, Trimester 2: June, IN-PERSON : 07/06/2022


Alicia Marín Muniesa
Alicia Marín Muniesa

Alicia Marín Muniesa is a professional coach, team coach, trainer. She has extensive experience training emotional intelligence and has been facilitating programs to empower leaders and future leaders in the fields of education, science, and business more than 10 years.