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Effective online team playing in science – how to get the most out of your team virtually


Positively change the way you manage relationships and experience challenges and conflict in the workplace, with a specific focus on working online from home.




Career groups. Please see edition dates for details.


In two educational, entertaining and energizing days, you will become enthusiastic about building positive and creative relationships at work, off and online.You will incorporate specific and practical tools to address the challenges and conflicts that arise as part of your tasks and responsibilities, in particular those resulting from virtual teams and work from home.

The way you think, move, listen and talk will be focussed toward the effective management of challenges that are typical of a multicultural, multilingual, multi-worldview environment, where excellence and thoroughness play an active role, such as is the case of the scientific research park that PRBB is.

  • On day 1 we focus on the individual, on the individual fitness required to participate in the team. You will receive practical tools and techniques to boost your mindset, tune your emotions and proactively use your body to generate the state of mind and environment that leads to effective team playing.

  • On day 2 we focus on the team, on the skills required to interact effectively in the team. You will receive tools and techniques to listen, motivate and effectively make requests.

On both days you will apply the tools and techniques in individual and group exercises. The continuous positive and constructive feedback you receive from the group and from Tobias will boost your personal transformation.

The course format and breaks have been adapted to the new online world so as to avoid fatigue and ensure engagement at all times. Make no mistake: this will not be two days of passive listening in the shadows of a turned off video. Instead, come prepared to take the online stage and shine in the spotlight.

The workshop consists of two sessions. You should be able to attend all of them.

Study commitment

Before the course participants will be asked to complete a questionnaire.

Entry criteria

Please note that this edition is for 3rd - 4th year predocs, postdocs, and other staff with minimum 3 - 4 years of professional experience. Please indicate your position and professional experience in the "entry criteria" field on the registration page.

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Tobias Rodrigues
Tobias Rodrigues

Tobias Rodrigues has a master in conflictology and a degree in philosophy. He is an experienced effective team-player trainer.

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