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The science of the unexpected: improvisation for scientists


To learn the basics of improvisation to help you respond with clarity and vividness to unexpected speaking challenges in science.






By taking this course you will:

  • Be more aware of your personal communication style
  • Be more aware of other people’s differing communication styles
  • Learn a more creative and intuitive approach to science and scientific communication
  • Learn how to deliver impactful presentations and explanations of complex scientific work
  • Know how to respond to unplanned public speaking challenges such as answering questions or making impromptu talks

Other relevant information

Conditions for in-person editions: Please note that this course might be cancelled depending on the COVID situation. If it's not possible to do the course in-person, the edition will be postponed and if possible an online option will be offered.


Comments from participants

Finished editions
  • 2022 Edition 1, Trimester 1: March, IN-PERSON : 30/03/2022


Monica Ixchel Castillo Salgado
Monica Ixchel Castillo Salgado

Monica is a political scientist, educator, actress and dancer from Mexico. She delivers workshops on improvisation and body language and facilitates on the topics of improvisation, moonshot thinking, communication and high performing teams.

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