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How to write a postdoctoral research proposal


The course will offer key tips and strategies to write a successful application.




PhD students & junior postdocs


The course consists of two parts to maximise learning and give a practical experience of the entire process of applying for a fellowship.

 The first part combines theoretical lectures from experts in fellowship applications as well as hands-on exercises. In part 2 participants write their own fellowship proposal and this is evaluated by two PRBB PIs and the course trainers. Participants then defend their project to the evaluators and the class in a short presentation and interview.

The course consists of several sessions. You should be able to attend all of them.

Study commitment

BEFORE THE COURSE: All participants must submit title + abstract of their potential project (max. 250 words) to Abstracts should be submitted by the 23rd September at the latest.

BETWEEN SESSIONS: Between the second and the third session participants will write their own proposals. Approx time commitment 4-6 hrs.

Other relevant information:

Please note that if a quorum of 4 participants submitting a proposal is not reached, the evaluators will provide only written feedback.

Comments from participants


Michela Bertero
Marta Sallés

Michela Bertero has a PhD in Genetics, several year experience in research in life sciences and research management. She is currently the head of International and Scientific Affairs office at the CRG

Marta Sallés has a degree in biology and several year experience at CRG in research management, particularly in funding for PhD Students and postdocs. She is currently the fellowship advisor of the Grants Office of the CRG.

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