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Dance your science - Move your body move your mind


To gain awareness of the potential for communicating science through an artistic experience and to challenge habitual ways of thinking and communicating.






Research professionals depend heavily on powerpoint to express scientific concepts visually and these presentations can become monotonous. By using dance, movement and gesture to explore ideas for a presentation, researchers can open up a new realm of creative ways to conceptualise abstract concepts. 

This course will introduce participants to a group of exercises emerging from music and movement to investigate ways to improve creativity communicating with our bodies and other people, gaining awareness of effective body language. 

You will:

  • Become more aware of the importance of being fully present when communicating
  • Develop a new and creative communicative awareness
  • Enjoy movement and eliminate communication barriers
  • Connect with their bodies in a conscious way and learn to use it as a communicative tool
  • Stimulate their interpersonal connection and perceptive skills and their awareness of space
  • Understand how music and body movement works (A - Harmony, B - Beats, C- Cadence system)

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Comments from participants

Finished editions
  • 2022 Edition 1, Trimester 2: July, IN-PERSON : 04/07/2022


Leo Zunda
Leo Zunda

Leo Zunda is a professional dancer, actor and choreographer. He has experience in musical theatre, movies and television. CEO of the ¨Leo Zunda Dance and Theatre School in Barcelona¨.