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Getting the right person for your team


To provide participants with a framework and a set of tools to use when managing a selection process.




Mid-career and senior scientists and support staff


This course is designed to help those people who need to hire new members to their teams as part of their role of team or project manager.

Participants will learn to

  • Prepare an accurate description of the role in question, draw up a person specification and decide what they need to look for in people who apply for the role.

  • Conduct interviews to draw out the information that is needed from candidates, to find the best person for the role.

  • Plan the induction for the new team member which will include areas for development, organization information and introduction to stakeholders.

The course consists of several sessions. You should be able to attend all of them.

Other relevant information:

Please note that this course is not aimed at human resource professionals but rather will give some basic human resource background for scientists and other mid-career and senior staff.

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Louise Schubert
Louise Schubert

Louise Schubert works as an executive coach, coach supervisor, consultant, group facilitator and trainer. For over 10 years she assessed senior managers in recruitment and leadership development processes.

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