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2023 Edition 6, Trimester 3: October, ONLINE
Target: Anyone giving scientific talks
3 Sessions*:
  • 10/10/2023 10:30 - 13:00;
  • 13/10/2023 10:30 - 13:30;
  • 16/10/2023 10:30 - 12:30
* You should attend all sessions

SYSTEMS skills

Behind the scenes - small tutorial group to help improve your science-related talks


To help participants focus on two key aspects of preparation that make a science talk sink or succeed: i) clear communication of ideas and ii) audience engagement.




Anyone giving science-related talks. 4 participants only.


Participants will learn how to capture and keep the attention of their audience and the importance of emotional commitment. They will work on articulating and clarifying their ideas into a clear and coherent talk that offers itself for polished, professional delivery - whether online or in-person. They will also develop their skills in giving and receiving constructive feedback as a key part of the learning process. 

Please note the course consists of several sessions, and you should be able to attend all of them. This is especially important given the small group of this course.

Study commitment

Participants will give a short pre-prepared presentation online (Zoom) and this presentation will be recorded for viewing in the group.  Please note that your consent to being recorded is a condition of attending the course. Details of the presentation requirements will be circulated to confirmed participants.

There will also be some homework assignments between sessions.

Entry criteria

Given the small group, participants will be selected from among early registrants to create a mixed group. 

Other relevant information

This course is based on the contents of the in-person course Say it so it stays. If you have already attended that course you will find some repetition.

For any issue regarding attendance before or during the course, please note that you should contact the Intervals team directly by sending an email to

NOTE: Conditions for participating in online courses  

Intervals courses are small, interactive group sessions in which trainers aim to create a friendly and supportive environment that encourages learning. In order to respect everyone present we ask that during the online sessions you have your camera switched on and a microphone ready to participate in the group activities.  

You should be in a quiet place with a good internet connection. If you are not alone in the room you should wear headphones to respect the confidentiality of course participants. 

Your attendance at this course assumes that you accept these conditions, but if you have a problem please contact us.

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Elinor Thompson
Elinor Thompson

Elinor Thompson is an educator and consultant with a background in clinical medicine and public health. Co-founder of the PRBB Intervals programme, she continues to lead the strategic direction of the programme.

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