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Eva Katharina Herber
Eva Katharina Herber

Eva Katharina Herber is a former marketing and international business executive who converted to being a psychologist, trainer and coach. Eva started her career at consumer goods companies like Procter & Gamble in International Marketing but then decided to follow her calling into the world of Psychology.

Eva delivers positive psychology interventions and training for individuals and companies to boost well-being and performance through the identification and development of personal and professional strengths. As a professor she teaches Strengths Coaching in different Positive Psychology Courses at IEPP/La Salle and different applications of positive psychology in workplace and personal settings at IE University. She believes that the key to long-term personal success is based on harnessing our strengths to a personal mission that generates meaning and wellbeing. 

For more insights about her work you can watch these TEDx talks: Focusing on strenghts and Meaning works!

Intervals courses offered by Eva:

Stress management for science professionals