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Hone your publishing and scientific writing skills with Intervals!



In Intervals there are several workshops that can help you to improve your scientific writing skills, better understand how the publishing system works and digest scientific literature.

Here there are the workshops that we regularly offer in our programme (if in doubt about when a course will be done, please send us an message!): 



Introduction to effective biomedical writing

This course sets the foundation for writing and publishing research articles in the biomedical sciences. It gives an overview of biomedical research journals, IMRaD article structure, and readers’ expectations of the text, and it presents broad strategies for writing the articles and accompanying cover letters and for revising after peer review. The course aims to demystify these processes, by illustrating the range of techniques and strategies that skilled writers use. 

The course is for beginners (people with little or no experience writing or publishing papers). This a workshop co-organised between Intervals and CÍCLIKS programme.

Introduction to scientific publishing & How to read a paper

This interactive workshop provides new researchers with a solid grounding in how the scientific publishing system works, and explores the challenges that publishing scientists face, such as peer review and impact metrics. It also introduce participants to some essential concepts and practical tools for gathering, managing, and extracting evidence from the scientific literature.

This course is for beginners (1st and 2nd year PhD students).

Becoming a scientific writer - putting the why before the how

In this workshop, participants develop a deeper understanding of the structure of scientific papers, with a renewed focus on the purpose of each section and the connections between them.

This workshop is for mid-career scientists; postdocs and 3/4 year predocs.