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2021 Edition 1, Trimester 3: ONLINE
Target: Beginners. 1st and 2nd year PhD students
2 Sessions*:
  • 02/12/2021 10:00 - 13:30;
  • 03/12/2021 10:00 - 13:30
* You should attend all sessions

SYSTEMS skills

Introduction to scientific publishing & How to read a paper


This joint workshop deals with two key competencies for early stage researchers: understanding the publishing system, and digesting the scientific literature.




Beginners. 1st & 2nd year PhD students.


This interactive workshop will provide new researchers with a solid grounding in how the scientific publishing system works, and will explore the challenges that publishing scientists face, such as peer review and impact metrics. It will then introduce participants to some essential concepts and practical tools for gathering, managing, and extracting evidence from the scientific literature.

You will learn about:

  • The publishing process, authorship, and conflicts of interest
  • The publishing landscape, open access, and impact metrics
  • The peer-review system
  • Searching for and managing your literature
  • Sections of a paper - finding key information
  • How to read a paper – extracting key information

Please note the course consists of several sessions, and you should be able to attend all of them.

Study commitment

Participants need to reserve time for individual preparatory work before the workshop, and between each session.

Other relevant information

For any issue regarding attendance before or during the course, please note that you should contact the Intervals team directly by sending an email to

NOTE: Conditions for participating in online courses  

Intervals courses are small, interactive group sessions in which confidential issues are often raised. During the Zoom sessions you must have your camera on, and a microphone ready to participate in the group activities. You should be in a quiet place with a good internet connection. If you are not alone in the room you must wear headphones. If you are unable to meet these conditions you will be asked to leave the course.



Gavin Lucas
Gavin Lucas

Gavin Lucas is a biomedical scientist with more than 13 years of experience in research and scientific publishing, and 10 years of experience as an author’s editor, consultant and trainer.

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