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Speed dating with companies - PRBB Career week*

* Coorganised between the CRG, DCEXS-UPF, EMBL-Barcelona, IBE, IMIM, ISGLOBAL and the Intervals programme.

Attendees will have the opportunity to have one-to-one informal meetings with companies of different areas of the research/biotech sector. You'll get to know more about the companies, what they do, and which characteristics they look in potential candidates for a job.

Companies that will participate:

Important information: 

Before registering to this event please note that:

  • This is a highly interactive event that depends on the participation of the attendees. Before registering please make sure you'll have time to prepare for the session, by looking at the different companies participating and thinking about questions you'd like to ask them. 

  • The aim of the event is to get to know companies of the sector. Meetings with companies should not be seen as job interviews.


Finished editions
  • Speed dating with companies - ONLINE : 17/11/2021
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