Theme D: Good science, Honest science

Supporting the creation of a culture of scientific integrity throughout the PRBB and its institutes is a major aim of the Intervals programme.

Our work is currently focused on three main areas:

  • i) Short courses and workshops addressing themes relevant to the production and dissemination of sound, responsible science.

  • ii) PRBB Good Scientific Practice Working Group. This group is a cross-institute working group on scientific integrity facilitated and supported by the Intervals programme. The group encourages and catalyses the development of initiatives to support positive work in scientific integrity such as mentoring training programmes, peer support groups and education initiatives.

  • iii) Science in Action. This compulsory course in scientific integrity for pre-doctoral students registered with the Pompeu Fabra University is supported by the Intervals programme and consists of two elements: a) online course and tests on Aula Global and b) attendance at four seminars.

    Science in Action:

    Science in Action is a CEXS-UPF course held at the PRBB. The aim of the course is to familiarise post-graduate students in biomedicine with current ideas and debate around the theme of good scientific practice. The contents of the course are based on the PRBB Code of Good Scientific Practice. The methodology of Science in Action includes group discussions, role plays and other interactive activities.

    Course requirements:

    1) Completion of the online course and test.
    2) Attendance at FOUR seminars. These seminars should include: Seminar 1 "Scientific Integrity" and Seminar 6: Politics & Practice of Publication and two others.

    Please note that there are 3 date/time options for the two compulsory seminars. In addition you should choose two more seminars to attend from the following: Seminar 2: Data Management (2 editions), Seminar 3: Animal Research (1 edition), Seminar 4: Human Research (1 edition), Seminar 5: Conflict of Interest (2 editions).

    Please check the attached pdf file to see the dates of the seminars for 2018-19.

    PLEASE NOTE: This course is only open to CEXS-UPF postgraduate students who are specifically registered for this course. If you are in doubt as to your eligibility please contact the UPF Masters or Doctoral degree Coordinating Office.

    IMPORTANT: After you have registered for your chosen seminars you will shortly (but not immediately) receive an automated email asking you to confirm your attendance. Please follow the instructions to do this or we may allocate the place to someone else.Once you have confirmed your attendance at your chosen four seminars it will not normally be possible to change them. If it is necessary to arrange a change you may be able to do this through the Moodle forum, once the course is open.

    Pdf_icon Science in Action 2018-19 - Information and dates