Scientifically speaking - a master class in peer-to-peer presenting for scientists

Aim:This advanced course will give scientists who already have some experience of presenting, an opportunity to take their skills to a new level, increasing both their versatility and competence as public speakers.
Provider: Elinor Thompson
For:Research scientists or clinicians who already have some experience of presenting in English at congresses.

Compelling and confident speaking in front of a critical audience is arguably one of the most difficult skills that a scientist must develop. Once acquired though, not only do career doors open, but science itself is strengthened.

In this course participants will refresh current knowledge, hone skills, develop versatility for dealing with different situations and audiences, learn strategies for coping with the unexpected and develop their self-awareness of areas for improvement.

Study commitment:

Before the course: Participants should prepare a 10 minute presentation on any topic related to their scientific work. They should bring this presentation to the first day of the workshop, together with two paper copies of their slides printed in note form (4 or 6 slides to a page).
During the course: Between sessions, participants will be asked to apply learning to their prepared talk and to prepare a number of short tasks for the next session. Before registering, please ensure that you will have time available between the sessions to complete these.

Approximately 4-6 hours- for pre-course preparation and tasks between sessions.


Elinor Thompson is an educator, consultant and medical doctor who leads interdisciplinary training interventions for research scientists & clinicians. She is director-designer of the PRBB Intervals Programme and an Invited Professor in the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

"Incredibly useful! Great course to improve your presentation skills!" Edition 2016
"This course can help you change your presenting skills from good to memorable." Edition 2015.

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Next edition in 2019

This course is designed as a follow-on to the general course Say it so it stays – oral presentation skills for scientists - so previous participants of that course will be given priority. Other scientists or clinicians who already have some experience of presenting at international congresses are also eligible: please summarise this experience in the registration form.

Participants need to bring a laptop for the course.

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Finished editions:

NEW DATES: 9th, 10th, 11th & 19th October 2017
27th, 30th September & 4th October 2016
20th, 22nd, 27th & 29th January 2015