Good Scientific Practice Workshop co-organised with the CRG - Good science, honest science

Aim:Scientific journals, funding agencies and research institutions are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of the research - in terms of good scientific practice - that they publish, fund or host.

This workshop will refresh your knowledge about the tangled topic of keeping science sound and honest. You will discuss the latest thinking in responsible research conduct and learn how to analyse and manipulate images with integrity.
Provider: Michele Garfinkel and Alison North

Michele Garfinkel will introduce general issues and policies in good scientific practice. Alison North will focus on image analysis and manipulation – addressing what is acceptable and what would be considered scientific misconduct.

The workshop will be highly interactive, with lots of opportunities for discussion with the speakers and colleagues. For more details see the workshop outline.


MICHELE S. GARFINKEL is the Manager of the Science Policy Programme at the European Molecular Biology Organization in Heidelberg, Germany. Her work focuses on societal concerns for the introduction of new biological technologies, scientific publishing, and the responsible conduct of research, approached primarily through technology assessment studies.

ALISON NORTH is the Senior Director of the Bio-Imaging Resource Center and a Research Associate Professor at the Rockefeller University (RU) in New York. Trained mainly in electron microscopy until she became hooked on live cell imaging, she now advises and trains hundreds of RU and external researchers in a wide variety of optical microscopy techniques. She was consulted by the editors of the Journal of Cell Biology (RU Press) when they established their guidelines for authors on image manipulation, and subsequently authored a JCB feature article entitled “Seeing is believing? A beginners’ guide to practical pitfalls in image acquisition”.

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7th July 2014