Make your research viral: social networks and science

Provider: Áurea Martín and Maruxa Martínez-Campos
For:All PRBB residents

Social networks offer a great opportunity to communicate science, both at lay and expert audiences. Yet many researchers are still wary of social media. This workshop will give an overview on tools that PRBB scientists can use to promote their scientific events, talks or seminars through Facebook, Twitter and other useful web 2.0 networks, as well as tips on how to use them to engage with other scientists.

Participants will learn:
• How to prepare a campaign to inform about a scientific event, talk, publication you want to share with the general (or not so general) public using social networks.
• How to give information on the go during a seminar, debate, event, and how to engage attendants into helping with this communication strategy.
• How to livestream seminars or events from your smartphone, and get feedback from the audience.
• How to discover other people who also are communicating science, collaborate with them and keep updated.

Study commitment:

• Participants should bring a laptop or smartphone, and should have a Twitter and Facebook account or create a new one.
• Pre-course preparation: Students will choose between two types of activity for the course practice: 1) advertising a specific event in time, such as a conference, seminar, or outreach event; 2) or sharing their knowledge, opinions or research results in a continuous way, be it with the scientific community or the wider society. More information about pre-course preparation will be sent to the participants before the course.
• To get the most of this course you will need to complete some homework tasks between sessions.


Áurea Martín is a research assistant and social/media activist who has been giving workshops on effective use of the mainstream social networks for social and cultural communication for the last four years.

Maruxa Martinez-Campos is a biologist, PhD, currently in charge of the social media at the PRBB. She is also the editor of the monthly publication “Ellipse” and has worked as an editor in the OA journal Genome Biology.

"I enjoyed and learnt. Excellent workshop. Thanks!" 2015 Edition.
"Good introduction to social networks" 2014 Edition

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Finished editions:

17th & 24th October 2016
21st, 22nd September & 7th October
11th & 20th March 2014