How to write and publish papers in biomedical journals (basic course)

Aim:This course will give you all the information you need to help get your paper accepted by a high-ranking journal.
Provider: Marta Pulido
For:Junior scientists

The course will present key information and effective strategies for writing and publishing papers in the health sciences. Participants will learn to follow the required steps from conception of the paper, selection of the right format and the target journal until a final decision from the Editor is received. Tips about the peer review process will be also provided.


Marta Pulido, MD, PhD, trained as a medical editor at the Section of Publications, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota (USA). Marta is accredited in editing and writing by the American Writers Association and is a Consulting Editor at IMIM, PRBB, Barcelona.

"Definitively I will recommend this course to my colleagues (especially for the newcomers)"
"I think it is a very useful course for getting to know how the publication world works"

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17th April 2013
4th July 2012
5th July 2011