How to write a grant proposal

Provider: Trainers: Michela Bertero and Gabriele Picarella (CRG). Group leader evaluators: Berta Alsina (CEXS-UPF) and Roberto Elosua (IMIM)
For:Senior postdocs and PIs

Many grants are written and submitted each year. Few are chosen. The course will offer the tools to plan and write high-impact research proposals that tell a powerful story to the granting agency.

The course will combine theoretical lectures from experts in grant applications as well as hands-on exercises. We will focus on grants from the Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación, the European Research Council, and other H2020 funding schemes.
Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to write their own grant proposal. This proposal will be evaluated by a panel composed of two group leaders from the PRBB. Participants will defend their proposal in a short class presentation and interview at the end of the course.

Study commitment:

All prospective participants must submit title + abstract of their potential project (max. 250 words) to Abstract should be submitted before the 19th October.
After the two days of theory participants are expected to work on their proposals and defend them in the evaluation day in front of a panel.

Michela Bertero has a Ph.D. in genetics, several year experience in research in life sciences as well as in research management. She is currently the head of international and scientific affairs at the CRG. Her team provides strategic advice and support to the Director, strengthens international impact of the institute, creates opportunities for international and interdisciplinary collaborations and fosters scientific talent through integrated training.

Gabriele Picarella has a Master in development projects management, several years’ experience in sponsored research management and support services. He is currently head of the grants office at the CRG.

"It was really useful course for young investigators. Both Michela and Gabriele were amazing trainers" Edition 2015.
"Very relevant for someone that wants to be independent researcher with plenty of very good tips" Edition 2014.

Dates: Place/time: Capacity: State:  
27th & 28th October. Evaluation day: 2nd December 2016. 27th Oct: Sala Seminario 863 (8th floor). 28th Oct: Ramon y Cajal room. 2nd Dec: Sala de Juntas (4th floor)
9:00 - 13:00
12 Cancelled    

Participants need to bring a laptop for the course.

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Finished editions:

12th & 13th November. Evaluation day: 11th December 2015
NEW DATES: 21st November 2014. Evaluation day: 13th January 2015
17th and 18th October 2013. Evaluation day: 29th November.
23rd , 24th April 2012 & Feedback day 14th May 2012
7th June ALL DAY 2011; Feedback day 6th July
19th & 20th April 2010; Feedback day on 10th May