Elevator pitch - the science of concise communication

Aim:To provide tools to help you deliver your message effectively when you have just two minutes with someone important.
Provider: Reimund Fickert
For:All PRBB

Have you ever felt that you couldn’t get your story across in a short conversation? Or perhaps that you didn’t make a memorable impression in a short meeting or couldn’t convince your listener to agree to your proposal?
In our helter skelter society you will have less and less time to tell your story, so you need to be prepared. An elevator pitch is a communication tool that will help you engage your listener and get your point across effectively and efficiently.

This practical and interactive 4-hour course will help you to enhance your communication skills. It includes individual feedback to identify weak points and encourages the participants to stand up and make their point in a way that works.

Reimund Fickert holds a PhD in biology from the Institute of Genetics in Cologne and a degree in journalism and public relations. He has been director of projects of the PRBB since March 2003. In this position he is responsible for activities in the areas of science support, communication, and business development.

"Very useful and inspiring!" 2018 Edition.
"Practical and theoretical course, intense and very interesting. Thanks!" 2017 Edition.

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