Interview and job application skills in science - Online

Aim:To learn how to prepare a good scientific CV and cover letter and improve the general interview skills.
Provider: Trainer: Roser Pinyol. Interviewers: TBC
For:Senior PhD students and junior postdocs

The course will help scientists prepare their CV and cover letter to apply for a scientific position, and prepare for a job interview by giving them a chance to practice in mock interviews with principal investigators.

DAY 1: General introduction on how to write a successful CV and cover letter, and how to prepare for job interviews. Participants’ CVs and cover letters will then be discussed in plenum.

DAY 2: Participants will be interviewed by PRBB principal investigators and they will receive feedback from the PI’s as well as the other course participants. Together with a round table discussion and a mock panel interview, this session will help participants approach their interviews with more confidence.

Study commitment:

Please note that this course requires some preparation and there will be also some homework between sessions:
- Before the course: Participants must submit their CV and a cover letter before November 5th.
- Between sessions: Following day 1, participants are required to submit a revised CV and cover letter before December 1st. Participants who do not fulfill this requirement will not be eligible to take part in the mock interviews (day 2).


Roser Pinyol is research scientist at IDIBAPS & entrepreneur at BIOcomuniCA’T.

"Great opportunity to receive feedback of your interpersonal skills during a job interview"Edition 2019.
"Very very useful, especially the mock interview and the feedback they provided" Edition 2018.

Dates: Place/time: Capacity: State:  
12th November & 10th December 2020 Online
9:30 - 12:00
12 Course full    

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