Project management for scientists - Online

Aim:To discover the real value of project management in research and learn how to apply it to your projects.
Provider: Joaquim Calbó, Alexandros Nikolaou & Sonja Reiland
For:Postdocs, staff scientists and technicians with managing responsibilities

In this course participants will learn to apply project management techniques in order to better define objectives of a research project, make a realistic plan, and implement it effectively.

After this workshop you will be able to:

- Define clear objectives and key success factors
- Identify and manage relations with stakeholders
- Plan a project according to objectives and available resources
- Identify and control risks
- Manage resources responsibly
- Monitor progress and report
- Evaluate outcome of your project and impact for your career.

Study commitment:

- Participants need to commit to attending ALL 4 sessions.
- Before the course participants will have to complete a short survey.
- As preparation for sessions 3 and 4 participants are expected to do some individual study (about 10h).


Joaquim Calbó is a scientific project manager and coordinates the European projects management area at the international and scientific affairs (ISA) office at the CRG. He prepares and manages collaborative projects coordinated at the CRG.

Alexandros Nikolaou is a scientific project manager at the ISA office at the CRG, where he prepares and manages collaborative projects. Alex also has three years of hands-on experience as a grants specialist, focusing mainly on H2020 and NIH funding opportunities.

Sonja Reiland is a scientific project manager at the ISA office at the CRG. She prepares and manages collaborative projects coordinated at the CRG. Sonja worked for BASF in Ludwigshafen (Germany) as a project manager for implementing text-mining technologies.

"This course provided an excellent overview of the key processes involved in project management" Edition 2019.
"It’s been a good way to learn some skills in order to better organize projects for myself" Edition 2018.

Dates: Place/time: Capacity: State:  
26 & 27 of November, 4 & 17 of December 2020 Online
9:30 - 13:00
16 Registration open   Register here!

Participants will need a computer, microphone, camera and a stable internet connection.
The course material will be shared on a Moodle platform.

For any questions or comments please email