Understanding career opportunities that best exploit your skillset - Online

Aim:To give participants an overview of different career options and through personal assessment understand their own motivations, strengths and weaknesses. To give them the confidence to choose the job opportunities that are the best fit for them.
Provider: Roni Wright
For:Predocs & Postdocs

There are a wide range of job and career opportunities after a PhD. The course will highlight and discuss examples of different career options within the job market, the skills required and the unique challenges posed by each.

In this course participants will:

- Identify their own strengths and weaknesses as well as what motivates and drives them in their careers.
- Show examples of job opportunities after a PhD outside the postdoc, group leader career path.
- Receive tips and advice on how to use online networking sites to further increase job opportunities.


Roni Wright is an experienced postdoc, teacher and trainer, providing university classes and courses for scientists on oral presentation skills and time management.

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Participants need a laptop with audio and video, and a strong Internet connection.
Please note this course was previously called "Career development and job opportunities after your PhD: How to best exploit your skills"

For any questions or comments please email intervals@prbb.org.

Finished editions:

11th & 13th November 2020
21st & 23rd July 2020