Emotional intelligence as a key to success in a scientific environment - Online

Aim:To help participants develop their emotional intelligence and understand the crucial connection between Thinking - Feeling - Acting and how it impacts every human encounter we have inside and outside of the workplace.
Provider: Alicia Marín Muniesa
For:All PRBB

Successful teams have been proven to focus both on task AND on relationship. Scientific environments tend to be very task-oriented, competitive and individualistic. Yet, if we want to succeed in a science career, we do not only need to focus on goals, methods and deadlines; it is equally important to develop and maintain healthy and functional relationships with peers, bosses and collaborators. Emotional intelligence is the key to develop such relationships.

This workshop will develop the awareness, skills and personal attributes of participants for building strong and functional relationships at work.

In this course you will:
- Increase self-knowledge: Becoming aware of how we relate to others (and to ourselves) in a working context.
- Share best practices on self-management.
- Develop social skills for successful relationship management at the workplace.

Study commitment:

Participants will be required to fill out a short questionnaire to understand their strengths and areas of development regarding Emotional Intelligence.


Alicia Marín Muniesa has more than 18 years of international business experience. She is a professional coach, team coach, trainer and facilitator. Alicia has been facilitating training on emotional intelligence, applied to various professional fields since 2009.

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