How to write a scientific article - Online

Aim:To create awareness of the elements of scientific writing that enable rapid communication between the writer and the reader and provide participants with tools for improving the quality of their writing.
Provider: Susan Frekko
For:Beginners/Intermediate. Only for PhD students.

New researchers have to make the leap from consuming scientific knowledge to producing it. But having good ideas and good results isn’t enough. In order to successfully place their articles in international journals, scientists also need to learn the craft of writing research articles.

In this course participants will:

• Become familiar with the structure and elements of an IMRD article
• Acquire planning strategies for writing an article effectively and efficiently
• Develop awareness of common mistakes in research articles
• Apply techniques to make writing clear, concise and cohesive in sentences and paragraphs
• Acquire techniques for time management
• Learn about ethical publication
• Learn what to expect from the journal review process


Susan Frekko is an authors’ editor, translator and trainer who helps scientists publish their research in English. Susan holds a Ph.D. in linguistic anthropology and a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language to adults. She has published her own research in indexed journals since 2009.

"Efficient way to work out the necessary tools to become a good writer or a start point when you face the white paper" 1st Edition 2020.
"The course gave me a very good overview on the structure of a scientific paper, as well as many practical and extremely useful tips about scientific writing" Edition 2019.

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We will use the Zoom online meeting platform, which facilitates discussion and small-group work.
Participants need a laptop with audio and video, and a strong Internet connection.

Given high demand for this course and the exceptional circumstances, we have decided to make this training available over the May 1st holiday.


In view of the COVID situation we understand that people may not always be able to keep to the timetable so we are waiving the blacklisting system at this time.

But as places on the online courses are limited, we ask that when you register you should commit in principle to attending all sessions of the course. However if your circumstances change, we ask you to please inform the trainer and the Intervals programme if you are unable to attend a session or have to cancel your participation.

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Finished editions:

24th April, 1st, 8th & 15th May 2020
23rd, 30th April, 7th & 14th May 2020