Sharpen your reasoning skills: logic and critical thinking for scientists - Online

Aim:To learn how to give more convincing arguments in publications or debates and be able to quickly identify gaps or weaknesses in scientific reasoning
Provider: Malte Engel (link)
For:All PRBB

Sound critical thinking ensures both rigour and integrity in applying the scientific method, yet surprisingly few scientists explicitly learn the basic concepts that underpin such thought. In this course you will learn concepts of logic and critical thinking that will help you develop stronger arguments, clearer hypotheses and solid evidence to support your scientific publications and discussions.

In addition to learning how to give more convincing arguments, participants will learn to identify gaps or weaknesses in scientific reasoning and to judge more accurately whether their own positions are well justified. The course exercises are designed to apply these skills directly to each participant’s own scientific work as well as to some general ethical situations in science.

Study commitment:

This course, along with a few other courses in the Intervals programme, offers participants the added benefit of taking an active part in assessing their progress towards their learning goals in a structured way. To this aim we have incorporated a pre- and post-course assessment into the course (please see the attached course proposal for more information). Your agreement to complete these exercises is a pre-condition to acceptance on the course. The exercises will take about 30 minutes to complete both before and after the course.


Malte Engel studied philosophy, psychology and obtained a PhD in a neuroscience graduate programme. He has several years of teaching experience with courses on critical reasoning.

"Really interesting, applicable and useful not only for science" 1st Edition 2020.
"It’s more than I expected! Should be compulsory!" Edition 2019.

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Participants need a laptop with audio and video, and a strong Internet connection.

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Finished editions:

28th, 30th October, 4th & 6th November 2020
28th, 30th April, 5th & 7th May 2020
27th, 29th April, 4th & 6th May 2020