DANCE YOUR SCIENCE if you dare!!
December 4th, 13:00 hrs PRBB Auditorium

Can you and your team show your science in a dance? Can you portray your research through movement to music? Ready for the challenge? Here’s what to do:

Form a team to enter the Dance your Science competition, send us your ideas and team details, and we will offer your team a place on our SPECIAL Super Cool Dance your Science workshop with top dance trainer Leo Zunda! No need for detailed choreography at this stage - you just need a few ideas of how to make your scientific ideas visual. All teams will have a chance to develop their choreography in two workshops with Leo.

“There is no human being on this planet that Leo won’t get swinging their hips and tapping their feet!” Brian McCarthy, trainer The science of the unexpected

Stuck for inspiration? Think this is too weird to be true? Check out this TED talk

YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE: Registration form

And what if you want participate but you don’t have a team? Register anyway! We will form a group with all the individual registrations. Any questions? Send an email to

Limited numbers so get your entry in FAST!!
Prizes galore: BIG Christmas Hamper for the winning team and goodies for all participants!

Shake off the dust, put on your dancing shoes, it’s time to Rock your Science!!

Closing date for entries Tuesday 6th November 17:00 hrs


• All dances will be performed in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE in the PRBB Auditorium on Tuesday December 4th at 1300hrs.
• All participants of dance teams should be PRBB residents.
• All teams should have 3 members or more. Maximum – as many as can fit on the stage!
• All teams should complete the required entry form by 6th November 1700 hrs.
• You may have a narrator but the focus of the performance should be the dance.
• Any costumes or props are permissible – within reason!
• You can use video as a backdrop but your dance performance should be live on the stage.
• Please inform the organisers in advance whether you will be using live or recorded music.
• The audience will be the judges. Their decision is final.

For any questions or comments please email