Becoming a scientific speaker – key skills for success

Aim:In this intensive workshop we will address all aspects of preparing and performing a scientific presentation in front of an audience of peers in multi-disciplinary scientific contexts.
Provider: Elinor Thompson
For:All PRBB residents

Oral communication of research to multi-disciplinary groups of scientists and health professionals is a constant demand of today’s investigators. Compelling and confident speaking in front of a critical audience is a challenging skill for a scientist to acquire. This course provides training in all key skills required to give a successful presentation.

In this course participants will:
• Learn an ordered approach to planning and developing their presentations,
• Develop self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses,
• Increase their confidence in handling the whole process of presenting science
• Practise presenting and receive feedback
• Practise critiquing others’ presentations to enable continued learning after the course.


Elinor Thompson trained originally as a medical doctor and specialized in public health. Following several years working in the UK National Health Service she developed a freelance career and has been offering professional development for scientists and health professionals for 18 years. She is co-founder and director of the PRBB Intervals programme.

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Next edition in 2019

Please note that this is an intensive course based on the longer course "Say it so it stays".

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Finished editions:

27th September 2018