The science of the unexpected: improvisation for scientists

Aim:To learn the basics of improvisation to help you respond with clarity and vividness to unexpected speaking challenges in science.
Provider: Harris Gordon
For:All PRBB residents

By taking this course you will:

- Be more aware of your personal communication style.
- Be more aware of other people’s differing communication styles.
- Learn a more creative and intuitive approach to science and scientific communication.
- Know how to respond to unplanned public speaking challenges such as answering questions or making impromptu talks.


Harris Gordon was originally trained as an actor in London and Paris and active in that profession since 1992. In 2014 he started collaborating with Universitas at Telefonica and since then he has continued to apply and broaden his skills in the business sector based on his expertise in performance, creativity and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

"Fun, entertaining & challenging at the same time" Edition 2018
"This course really helped me to step out of my mind to into my body and to consider the audience that I want to reach" Edition 2018.

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Next edition in spring 2020

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Finished editions:

27th June 2019
3rd July 2018