Time management in science: how to get the best out of your day

Aim:To take a step back from busy schedules and discover alternative approaches to the management of time and energy levels in order to obtain greater efficiency and enjoyment of life.
Provider: Louise Schubert (link)
For:All PRBB residents

This course will give you tools to:

  • Demonstrate greater control when handling the day to day processes and interactions with others
  • Work more efficiently and effectively in the achievement of your work objectives and so increase overall performance
  • Address any serious work/life balance issues
  • Review the way you organize yourself and reflect on your own assumptions in order to find long lasting solutions
  • Decrease feelings of stress in the work environment
Study commitment:

In preparation for the course participants are expected to answer a questionnaire and to observe themselves using the time log over a period of 5 working days. More information about the pre-course tasks will be sent some weeks before the course.


Louise Schubert works with individuals and organisations as an executive coach and consultant and is experienced as a trainer to help professionals from all disciplines, improve their overall performance management and leadership skills.

"Absolutely necessary. A turning point in our daily life dynamic" Edition 2018.
"It will help me a lot to be more efficient and less stressed" Edition 2018.

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Finished editions:

6th & 13th June 2019
10th & 17th October 2018
22nd & 24th May 2018