WORLD CAFÉ - Publication integrity in the PRBB and beyond

How can we ensure integrity in scientific publishing?

For:PRBB researchers

What does it mean to publish with integrity, why does the system of publishing science work as it does and how can we as individuals influence change to ensure integrity?

Come and participate in an open discussion following the WORLD CAFÉ method, in which we will explore together through conversation, our experience of scientific publishing today.

The purpose of the event is to reflect together on our experiences as individual scientists, of publishing with integrity. Based on our conversations and the ideas we generate, the PRBB Good Scientific Practice Group will develop suggestions for how scientific groups and centres can help scientists to publish their work with integrity.

The World Café will take place the 15th September in Cetnre Cívic de la Barceloneta, and all PRBB researchers are welcome!
(Registration is essential)

Dates: Place/time: Capacity: State:  
Friday 15th September Centre Civico Barceloneta
10.00 – 13.30

For any questions or comments please email