How to design a visually stunning scientific poster

Aim:To provide attendees with practical knowledge to make their posters more attractive and visually effective.
Provider: Jaume Fatjó
For:All PRBB residents

Poster sessions are one of the main ways of communicating your research. Compared with scientific talks, poster presentations must face the double challenge of 1) competing with other posters for the audience attention and 2) presenting a summary of your work in a very short period of time.

In this course you will learn:
- To identify the key aspects of a good poster.
- To be able to identify and correct the most common pitfalls and mistakes in creating a good poster.

Study commitment:

Two weeks before the course, participants should send samples of posters that they would like to improve or they are facing difficulties with.
Participants also should have a basic understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Pages.


Jaume Fatjó, doctor in veterinary medicine and assistant Professor of Psychiatry (UAB). Over the past 15 years he has delivered scientific and continuing education lectures, courses and seminars on animal behaviour in 12 countries.

"Perfect to improve your poster design skills" Edition 2018.
"This course helped me understand the key points to take into account when creating a poster and gave me several tips to improve it" Edition 2017.

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Next edition in 2020

Participants need to bring a laptop with either PowerPoint or Keynote installed.

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Finished editions:

5th March 2019
13th June 2018
17th May 2017
9th November 2016