Negotiating with confidence, inside or outside science

Aim:To give practical negotiation techniques to be more effective and get better results at work.
Provider: Eric May (link)
For:All PRBB residents

The course will give participants tools to build their sense of self-worth, recognize their achievements more readily, understand what skills they can offer and get techniques to build trust both inside and outside science.
Participants will also get practical methods to identify characteristics of effective negotiating techniques and get key principles of negotiation to enhance results and professional achievement.

Study commitment:

Participants should come with a current problem, challenge or aspiration they would like to address. More details will be sent a few weeks before the course.


Eric May, media consultant and Emmy Award winner, helps thousands of people worldwide express ideas more effectively to their audiences. After twenty years of corporate employment, in 1999 he established a worldwide private consulting practice. Eric has been working with the Intervals programme since 2008.

"I learned a lot and picked up some great new strategies and insights" Edition 2018.
"Very inspiring and practical with exercises and examples" Edition 2017

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Next edition in 2020

Participants should bring laptops.

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Finished editions:

22nd May 2019
Edition 2: 21st June 2018
Edition 1: 20th June 2018
Edition 2: 14th June 2017
Edition 1: 13th June 2017
27th May 2016
26th May 2016