Living teams - a systemic approach to team leadership

Provider: Joan Cos and Francesca Gabetti - Pinea3 (link)
For:Mid-career and senior staff

This course provides practical tools for leading teams by addressing challenges normally experienced in the first 5 years in a management role.
For more experienced managers, the course offers ways to become more effective in dynamic team environments by using a systemic and humanistic methodology model.

In this course you will:

• Learn the concepts specific to managing and leading a team in science and research.
• Use specific dynamics and practices that can improve your leadership and self-leadership, team efficacy and results.
• Gain a clear understanding of the principal forces and dynamics that take place within a team and their significance with respect to team performance and atmosphere.
• Increase your confidence and trust in your skills in leading a research team in a smooth and effective way. Reinforce your current practice and learn how to get the most from your team.

Study commitment:

In preparation for the course participants will need to identify some situations in their day-to-day work related to developing or leading a team. Questions to prepare for the workshop will be provided in advance.


Joan Cos is an international consultant in organisational and leadership development. He has consulted extensively for large and small organisations in life sciences and research as well as for public organizations, including the European Union in addition to for profit businesses.

Francesca Gabetti holds a Bachelor of Business and Communication, a Master in Organizational and Personal Systemic Management and a Master in Coaching. She has wide experience in international companies and organisations.

"A lot of positive energy." Edition 2015.
"An insightful view of the team, it provides interesting tools to manage yourself and the team." Edition 2015.

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Finished editions:

31st May & 7th June 2016
7th July 2015