Getting the right person for your team

Provider: Louise Schubert (link)
For:Mid-career and senior scientists and support staff

This course will help team and project leaders find and hire new team members. Successful recruitment processes are not only essential for the future of the organisation but are also an exercise in marketing to the outside world.

The aim of this programme is to provide participants with a framework and a set of tools to use when managing a selection process. There will be an opportunity to practice holding interviews and learn how to assess whether a candidate meets the requirements of the role. Thought will also be given to what happens when a person starts in the role.
Please note that this course is not aimed at human resource professionals but rather will give some basic human resource background for scientists and other mid-career and senior staff.


Louise Schubert works as an executive coach and consultant and is experienced as a trainer particularly in the areas of interpersonal skills development and recruitment processes. She is actively involved in the assessment of senior managers and making recommendations in recruitment processes.

"Very stimulating and influential" Edition 2016.
"I was overwhelmed by the wealth of information on this topic that was very new to me. Great course!" Edition 2015.

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16th & 23rd May 2017
15th & 22nd June 2016
10th & 17th June 2015