Difficult conversations: how to make them easier

Provider: Louise Schubert (link)
For:Mid-career and senior scientists, and support staff

This course will help team and project managers deliver difficult feedback to change how people carry out their work. This kind of feedback is referred to as a difficult conversation. People tend to feel stress before entering into these situations and very often postpone them until the situation deteriorates and is even more difficult to manage.

The course will help science leaders and managers feel confident when faced with giving feedback about difficult behaviours. Participants will consider a variety of tricky situations, consider the psychological dynamics at play and develop the necessary skills to handle these situations.


Louise Schubert works with individuals and organisations as an executive coach and consultant and is experienced as a trainer to help professionals from all disciplines, improve their overall performance management and leadership skills.

"I have found this course very useful, very practical and very fulfilling. I got much more than I expected. It has been a wonderful training session for me." 2017 Edition.
"The course was very eye-opening and practical and absolutely satisfied my expectations. Louise managed to get all the participants involved and participate in a very kind and intelligent way." 2016 Edition.

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Next edition in Autumn 2019

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22nd & 29th November 2018
22nd & 29th November 2017
22nd & 29th November 2016
18th & 25th November 2015