Explaining your research to ANYONE - inside or outside science

Aim:Participants will get practical techniques to express and explain complex ideas and aspects of their research to different types of audiences, including those inside and outside their particular discipline, the news media and the general public.
Provider: Eric May (link)
For:All PRBB residents

Knowledge and understanding alone isn’t enough; having the tools and techniques to express what you know effectively to people inside and outside your discipline and outside science is critical. The course will give participants tools to identify and understand the needs of different audiences and how to choose appropriate methods to reach out to them effectively.

This course will combine elements of previous Eric May courses.

Study commitment:

In preparation for the course participants should think about aspects of their research that they would like to explore and ways of explaining these ideas visually. More information about pre-course preparation will be sent to the participants before the course.


Eric May is Emmy Award winning media consultant and trainer for PRBB Intervals since 2008.

"It was a great overview of techniques that could be used. I also liked that we had the chance to test them on our own research" Edition 2018.
"Challenging and inspiring" Edition 2017.

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Next edition in 2020

Participants need to bring their laptops.

For any questions or comments please email intervals@prbb.org.

Finished editions:

21st May 2019
19th June 2018
15th June 2017
25th May 2016
6th May 2015