Leading for success in science - edition co-funded by the Intervals programme with BIST and CRG*

Provider: Sašo Kocevar and Romilde Manzoni, HFP Consulting (link)
For:Principal investigators - Priority new PIs (within 5 years of taking up PI position)

Leadership skills, which are essential for today’s challenges in scientific work, can be acquired and developed.

The aim of this workshop is to influence and support both the present scientific work and future careers of participating group leaders. The main focus will be to address the human aspects of doing science. The course will provide a nurturing frame for practical training, as well as for scientific exchange and networking.

During this course, participants will:
• Improve their communication, collaboration and leadership skills
• Understand how to reach career goals more efficiently and effectively
• Learn how to enable / empower others to do good science
• Improve their (self-) organisational skills
• Exchange their experiences as leaders in science
• Learn how to better lead individual and group processes
• Be encouraged to establish and maintain a peer support group

This 3 day workshop is held at a venue in Barcelona, away from the attendees’ work institutions. Although not residential, the intention is to create a retreat atmosphere and participants should ensure their diaries are clear for all 3 days.


Sašo Kočevar is the founder and managing director of hfp consulting. He developed and established leadership programmes worldwide exclusively focused on training scientists.

Romilde Manzoni has more than ten experience in biomedical research. After joining hfp consulting she became an expert trainer who gives courses to scientists on communication skills, leadership skills and career development.

COMMENTS FROM PARTICIPANTS (Group leaders, 2017 Edition):
"Fun and illuminating, I am looking forward to putting these ideas into practise."
"Wonderful experience to learn multiple tools and understand aspects important to be a good leader"

Dates: Place/time: Capacity: State:  
9th - 11th July 2019 BIST (C/ Compte d'Urgell, 187. Barcelona)
All days from 9:00 - 18:00. See programme for timing
16 Registration open   Register here!

* Places will be shared between participants from the three funding centres

For any questions or comments please email intervals@prbb.org.

Finished editions:

3rd - 5th July 2017
Edition 14, GROUP LEADERS or equivalent only.1st - 3rd July 2014
Edition 13, POSTDOCS 1st-3rd July 2013
Edition 12, POSTDOCS. 6th - 8th June & 9th October 2012
Edition 11, GROUP LEADERS or equivalent only. 14th-16th February 2012, & 5th June
Edition 10, POST-DOCS: 19th -21st October 2011; Follow up day 13th February 2012
Edition 9, SENIOR GROUP LEADERS ONLY (at least 10 yrs in senior position) 22-24 Feb & 17 May 2011
Edition 8, POST DOCS: 17th-19th Nov 2010 & 21st Feb 2011
Edition 7, POST DOCS only: 9th-11th June 2010 & Follow up day 16th November 2010
Edition 6, GROUP LEADERS only: 16th-18th February 2010 & Follow up day 8th June 2010
Edition 5, POST-DOCS only: 18th-20th November 2009. Follow-up day 15th Feb 2010.
Edition 4, POST-DOCS only: 17th-19th June; follow-up day 17th November, 2009
Edition 3, GROUP LEADERS 2009: 4th-6th February & 16th June 2009
Edition 2 GROUP LEADERS, 2008/9:1-3 Oct & follow-up day 3rd February 2009
Edition 1 GROUP LEADERS, 2008: 4th-6th June & follow-up day 30th September